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CLASSIC JAM - JOSEF CIGÁNEK PLAYS MASTERS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC is a new concert show of one of the most respected and most versatile professional drummers of Czech and Slovak post-revolution era.


CLASSIC JAM is a drummer live show – connection of classical music and percussions!


Show includes the most famous and the most popular classical music tunes (tunes by B. SMETANA, A. DVOŘÁK, L. VAN BEETHOVEN, W. A. MOZART, J. S. BACH, A. VIVALDI, C. ORFF, G. ROSSINI, J. STRAUSS and others) supplemented with tastefully composed percussions by Josef Cigánek, top Czech drummer.


This show is unique and entertaining and that's why it is the right choice for those, who not only love a great music show but also energetic and groovy concert. It is also a great enlivening for lovers of classical music.


You would never make a mistake with the CLASSIC JAM!

Website presentation of Josef CigánekFacebook profile of Josef CigánekYouTube Channel of Josef Cigánek

Premiere concert CLASSIC JAM - 21.4.2016, Royal Prague

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