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Josef Cigánek is one of the most respected and most versatile professional drummers of Czech and Slovak post-revolution era.


His ability to play has no genre borders. He plays everything from Jazz to Metal and he is also sought after session player.


He plays or used to play in many famous and successful rock bandS (incl. Team, Abraxas, Kreyson, Aleš Brichta Band, Miloš Dodo Doležal and more), he plays in Jazz band Pavel J. Ryba and The Fishmen, he is also a member of bands of most popular Czech singers (incl. Helena Vondráčková, Leona Machálková, Michal David, Karel Gott and many more).


Currently he works very hard on his new concert show called CLASSIC JAM. CLASSIC JAM and/or JOSEF CIGÁNEK PLAYS MASTERS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC  is a drummers one man show. It's a unique project that connects classical music and drums, which has no comparison in Czech or Slovak Republics. It's a show based on the most popular and most famous melodies from classical music (tunes by B. SMETANA, A. DVOŘÁK, L. VAN BEETHOVEN, W. A. MOZART, J. S. BACH, A. VIVALDI, C. ORFF, G. ROSSINI, J. STRAUSS and others),  supplemented with tastefully composed percussions by Josef Cigánek. We are also planning concert outside the borders of Czech Republic in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France and more.


You can find Josef Cigánek NAME on many CDs and Live DVDs.


Josef Cigánek does not forget young talents and that is why he became a teacher of Conservatory of P.J. Vejvanovský in Kroměříž. He also runs his own workshop programme. He participates in various events and shows. Josef is an endorser of ZILDJIAN company and AQUARIAN company and he cooperate very closely with KYTARY.CZ company.


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