The Best Forever



Josef Cigánek – drums and percussion
Pavel Jakub Ryba – bass


& guests:
Mirek Linka – guitars
Tomáš Křemenák – sax, flute, accordion, melodion
Petr Valášek – bass clarinet
Two musicians who are one of the best at their instruments. The music, which they produce with their guests, is mainly written by Pavel Jakub Ryba, and even though it is considered jazz, thanks to their interpretation it is primarily a great show.


Josef Cigánek – one of the most respected and most versatile pro drummers on Czech and Slovak scene. His musical range has no borders and limits. He plays everything from jazz to metal, and he collaborates with a lot of greatest stars in Czech Republic in all genres. 
He has his workshop programme and he has also a rock instrumental project, consisting of drums, guitar and bass, where he plays his own songs.
He is a teacher at the Conservatory of P.J.Vejvanovský in Kroměříž. And he is also sought after session player. You can find his name on a lot of Cds and DVDs.
In 2016 he will come with a new project CLASSIC JAM. It will be a unique show – mix of classical music and drums.


Josef Cigánek
Classic Jam



Pavel Jakub Ryba – experts and listeners in Europe and USA appreciate the music that P.J.Ryba plays with his friends. They appreciate mainly the characteristic sound of his bass guitars. Rightfully, P.J.Ryba is considered one of the best bass players in Czech Republic. In his repertoire, you can find jazz and classic, but also rock and pop. Not only is P.J.Ryba distinctive and outstanding player, he is also successful music composer. His solo album Yes , Yes, No, No achieved the best rating in Jazzize magazine and very appreciative review by Paula Edelstein (Sound Of Timeless) and it was at the top sales list next to the greats like Pat Metheny, Charles Mingus, Keith Jarret or Joe Zawinul.




Mirek Linka - an alumni of Conservatory in Prague. Guitar player of a very wide range of styles from contemporary classical music (Agon Orchestra) to funk jazz fusion. He is sought after session player and he is also a respected tutor.
Tomáš Křemenák – an alumni of conservatory (saxophone, flute and accordion). Musician, composer, tutor and session player. He collaborates with the top musicians of different genres.
Petr Valášek - he studied at the Conservatory in Pardubice. He plays as a bass clarinetist and tenor saxophonist in Karel Vlach Orchestra. He collaborates mainly with jazz projects where he can use his outstanding improvisation and multiinstrumental abilities.