The Best Forever



Host Ester Janečková introduces Peter Freestone in talk-show „The show must go on, and/or ask me anything!“


Popular host Ester Janečková is primarily known from Czech TV Shows - „Mail For You“ or „Home Alone“.


Peter Freestone is former personal assistant of rock star FREDDIE MERCURY with whom he spent Freddie's last 12 years of life.


The talk-show is not just one-side talking, it's an interactive show, where people can ask Peter about literally anything!


Not only would people listen to Peter's life story, connected with Queen and particularly with Freddie Mercury, but Peter would also answer every question that would occur to them related to Freddie.


As Peter Freestone says: “It's essential there are no taboos!”


Peter travels around the whole world and has different types of talks not only about Freddie Mercury, but mainly about AIDS issue.


He also had a very successful tour around Czech schools which he wants to continue with.


Peter Freestone is admirable person and in connection with popular host Ester Janečková, they both ensure always very nice and friendly mood at every place of meeting.


It's also the only TALK SHOW of this kind in Czech and Slovak Republics!